We speak your language


We understand your business

Every company, every client and therefore their needs are unique. That's why we take the time to get to know you, your business and your goals, their importance and their value to you. We tailor our advice and services to your needs. The better we know your company, the better we can support you.


Your success is our goal.

Your interests, your needs and your goals are always our priority. We work for the economic success of our clients in an increasingly competitive environment. We want our advice to make a valuable contribution to your strength (your success) and offer service-orientated advice in all areas of intellectual property rights and related fields of law based on the principles of integral IP management.


Your business strategy - your property rights strategy

We derive the objectives for your IP strategy from your business strategy, your development goals and your product strategy. The competitive environment, the business situation and other specific circumstances provide the framework. We use all this information to develop a customised IP strategy for each client and support its implementation.


Long-term Relationship

We see ourselves as a strong and reliable partner at our clients' side. Our aim is to grow together with our clients and thus build a long-term business relationship. Our law firm is successful when our clients are successful. Therefore, your success is also our success. We always prioritise the quality of our work, our efficiency and our commitment to our clients' concerns.


Our experience

From our many years of experience in various professional positions in industry and business, we have familiarised ourselves with the topics in which we advise from all different perspectives. We can therefore anticipate not only your needs but also those of your competitors and provide strategic advice based on this.



We have a wealth of experience in the commercial utilisation of industrial property rights. Our core competencies lie in the development of IP strategies tailored to the respective business model of our clients, the filing and defence of IP rights, their enforcement (in and out of court) as well as the valuation and commercialisation of IP rights and IP portfolios and related fields of law.


Accessibility - fast response

We are aware of the fast pace of your business and that good decisions are well-founded decisions that often have to be made at short notice. We therefore recognise the need to be available to you promptly so that we can at least make an initial assessment. We therefore always endeavour to minimise our response times and will get back to you at the first opportunity if direct contact cannot be made immediately. Exceptional service starts with exceptional communication - that is our promise to you.